Modified Strongman Training utilizes equipment and exercises that are uncommon in the average gym. Some of these include sleds, heavy medicine ball, farmer’s walks, tire flips, log press, sand bags, deadlift, and squat variations.

There are a number of benefits to this unique style of training. Keep reading to find out if strongman is what you’re looking for.



1) Modified Strongman Training is a full body workout

Strongman training is predominantly made up of bang for your buck exercises that tax the whole body. This is especially beneficial for those with limited gym time.

2) It strengthens and develops the glutes, hamstrings, and midsection

Whether it’s a sled drag, tire flip, deadlift, or farmer’s walk, all of these exercises are especially effective for training the posterior chain and abdominals.

3) There is an endless exercise selection

You’ll never be bored. The above-mentioned exercises are staples but there are dozens of variations of each of them. Lets take the sled drag for example. You can drag it forward, backward, sideways, bent-over, single arm, with a harness, and the list goes on.

4) Strongman is a mental and physical challenge

There’s nothing quite like pushing through the last few meters of a sled drag with your lungs and legs on fire when all you want to do is quit.

Or setting a new personal record on the deadlift that you’ve been chasing for months.

And you will never run out of challenges. As soon as you get through one you’ll already have your eye on the next.

5) It exposes weak points

With traditional training it’s possible to ignore your weaknesses by only working what you enjoy and are good at. With strongman it’s a different story. If you have a weak grip and core, farmer’s walks will surely shine a spotlight on it. Or if your quad strength is subpar backwards sled drags will certainly let you know.

There’s no way around it. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, so best to identify them so you can work on making them strengths.

6) It requires both strength and endurance

Modified strongman requires you to be well rounded. You have to develop both strength and endurance. One or the other won’t cut it. Strength comes first, but then you have to be able to repeat it, and sustain it.

7) You can gain strength, lose fat, and build muscle

Heavy weights, a fast pace, and a lot of hard work make a huge difference in your physique and strength levels.

It’s not for everyone, but those that give it a chance won’t be disappointed.


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