CAVE Combine (pronounced CAHM-bine) is a training session we designed to help our members see what they’re capable of. The name comes from the NFL Combine where they test incoming hopefuls at various strength and athletic events to see what they can do on the field.

Quick Rundown Of The Cave Fit Club Program

At Cave Fit Club we offer two main training sessions for our members. CAVE | Train and CAVE | Strong.

The programming for CAVE | Train follows a periodized training plan that builds upon itself month after month throughout the year. What is periodization? It is defined as the manipulation of training variables (load, sets, reps, exercise selection, rest) in order to maximize training adaptations and prevent the onset of overtraining throughout the months and years that you train. 

We’re going to get to what CAVE | Combine is all about but before we go further let’s differentiate between working out and training. 

Working Out: performing exercises without a specific goal in mind other than to burn calories and sweat. There is no tracking going on, no long term plan of action or blueprint. Working out is not periodized.

Training: you have a specific goal in the gym as well as a plan to get there. Your sessions are structured and you focus on progressive overload. Your training plan is periodized over the months and years that you train to elicit the maximum results while minimizing risk of injury. 

If you’re just working out there isn’t really any reason to test yourself since you don’t have a plan to begin with. As you can probably tell we are big believers in training. We know that the best results come when you have an intelligent plan, you execute it week after week, and you build upon what your body has learned and achieved. When you move on to the next challenging program your body is stronger and ready for what lies ahead. 

The goal is to stay healthy, get stronger, and continue to make progress. This is the best part, the results!

Where Does The CAVE Combine Come Into Play?

After each 3-week training block we test our members on certain lifts and certain conditioning challenges. If it’s their first CAVE | Combine then they will set a baseline at those particular exercises, a benchmark of sorts. If they are returning then the goal is beat what they did at the last CAVE | Combine, setting a new personal record (PR).

Achieving a new lifetime PR is an overwhelmingly amazing feeling we can’t put into words. Watching our members achieve this is spectacular. 

Without the CAVE | Combine our members would still get great results from the CAVE | Train periodized training program, but they wouldn’t know what their body is capable of. The CAVE | Combine allows them to see just how badass they have become! 

What Is The CAVE Combine?

There are a few kinds of CAVE Combine’s. They are designed to test your body based upon the 3-week training block that preceded it. For example if you just finished a strength program (low reps) you will do the CAVE | Combine – Strength Edition (low reps). Here’s a high level view of it to help you understand:

Strength Programs:

  • Lifting Test: low reps (1 or 3) at 3-4 chosen exercises

Functional Hypertrophy Programs:

  • Lifting Test: mid range reps (5) at 3-4 chosen exercises

By giving our members an opportunity to test their strength and conditioning at the CAVE | Combine we allow them to shatter goals they never thought were possible. If you’re a member already be sure to reserve your spot at the next CAVE | Combine!