We often get ask “What type of workout is it? Is it a bootcamp? Is it crossfit?” The Cave Fit Club is an hour long workout that is composed of 3 major aspects of physical fitness. Strength, conditioning, and agility.

One important difference between CAVE training programs and others is that the workouts you do are not always different. Yes you read that right. It is actually detrimental to your progress if you are constantly changing your workouts. The mind and the body need to be exposed to a stimulus for a period of time in order to adapt to it. Change your workouts too soon and you won’t adapt. Not changing your workouts soon enough and you will plateau.

Keep in mind that the ingredients of each training phase will be different, but your Cave class will look something like this.

Arrive 2-3 minutes before your training session starts and find your name on the iPad at the front desk to check in. Next, find your coach and they will begin the overview, provide instruction, and get you started on the warm up. This is very important!

Minutes 0-40 weight training centered work.

Minutes 40-60 conditioning centered work.

You’re all finished!

Pre-Training Session your coach will be showing you how to execute the exercises and how to choose the best weights for you, given the goal for that particular workout. At this time you will be performing a warmup routine, and receiving any instruction you might need.

Part 1 is where we do the majority of our work. The goal here is to challenge your muscular and nervous systems’ with exercises that come at a great metabolic cost to the body. In other words, the exercises will put a large demand on your muscles. Some programs will be aimed at strength gains and others will elicit a muscle building effect. We control this by manipulating the work to rest ratios.

Part 2 is centered around lifting, carrying, and dragging various things. Most of our clients have a love hate relationship with this part of the training. Exercises can include sled variations, farmers carry, sledge hammer, overhand rope pulls, sandbag carry, tire flip, and other fast paced metabolically challenging movements. As always, things are tailored to you. You will just be asked to bring that positive attitude!

Conclusion High five your new found friends and congratulate them on a job well done. You will be physically and mentally challenged and left with a new level of strength and fitness. Utilizing the Cave nutritional strategies will help you accelerate you towards your body composition goals, too.