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TRAINING and Pricing:


Cave - Train

Safety and fun are our #1 priorities.

Our core product, CAVE - Train, mixes reps, friends, encouragement, and poppin' playlists to give you the best training experience. CAVE - Train will require you to track your performance using our specially designed smartphone app under the watchful eyes of our world class personal trainers. Your muscles will be pushed and pulled using challenging weights while our coaches encourage you to smash through your barriers to new heights! Each training session is finished with a heart thumping team oriented conditioning session.


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CAVE - Strong

CAVE - Strong utilizes equipment and exercises that are uncommon in the average gym, know as "modified strongman training." Some of these include sled dragging, farmer’s walks, tire flips, as well as press, deadlift, and squat variations.

This is our most challenging class, but ALL TRAINEES are welcome. We simply adjust the exercise to suit everyone from beginners to advanced trainees.

There are a number of benefits to this unique style of training.

1) Modified Strongman Training is a full body workout

2) It strengthens and develops the glutes, hamstrings, and midsection

3) There is an endless exercise selection

4) Strongman is a mental and physical challenge

5) It exposes weak points

6) It requires both strength and endurance

7) You can gain strength, lose fat, and build muscle


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Looking to target a specific muscle group? CAVE - Pump will increase the training on trouble spots so you can jumpstart your results! Sessions focus on technique and isolation and are in a small group of 4-6. Check schedule below to see the body parts for each week.

$40 First Session


Looking to start at CAVE? Awesome! Take advantage of our Complimentary Training Week and see what CAVE is all about. Simply book your first training session in our scheduler below and we'll add a weeks worth of sessions to your account [valid for CAVE - Train & CAVE - Strong].

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  • Drop In - $30*
  • 4 Pack - $100*

*30-day expiration


  • 3 training sessions per week - $47.25/week [$15 each]
  • 4 training sessions per week - $52.25/week [$13 each]
  • 5 training sessions per week - $57.25/week [$11 each]

Memberships are billed bi-weekly. Click for our membership terms and conditions. 

Memberships can only be purchased at the club.

The above pricing options above are valid for all 'CAVE -Train' and 'CAVE - Strong' training sessions. See 'CAVE - Pump' above for its prices.