Membership Info 

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) lists the obligations and rights enjoyed by both you (“Member”) and Cave Fit Club, LLC (“Club”). This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Member and the Club, and the Member is executing this Agreement based solely on the terms contained in this Agreement without regard to any other terms or representations made by the Club or any other parties, whether oral or written. By signing below, the Member authorizes the Club to draft the requisite membership fees on first day of each month or other dates, as notated in this Agreement. The Member acknowledges that if the Member’s card is declined, or the Member’s bank account contains an insufficient balance to meet the Members’ payment obligations under this Agreement, the Club has the right to terminate this Agreement subject to the Agreement’s terms. It is the Member’s responsibility to update the Club with changes in the Member’s credit card and bank information, and the Club will not be responsible for any insufficient funds fees, late fees, overdraft fees, or any other fees caused by the Member’s failure to do so. The Club reserves the right to immediately terminate this Agreement if Member violates any of the Club’s policies, procedures, or rules. The Club also reserves the right to refuse renewal of any annual, month-to-month package, or the purchase of packages to any Members or potential members. This Agreement shall not last longer than 12 months. Failure by the Club to exercise one or more of its termination options under this Agreement does not waive any of the Club’s future rights or remedies under the Agreement’s terms. This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas and the Member submits the exclusive forum of Dallas County, Texas for any disputes that arise out of, or related to, this Agreement. If the Club or Member files a formal lawsuit under this Agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to its expenses in defending or asserting claims including attorneys’ fees and costs of court.

Bi-Weekly Billing:

Memberships are billed every other Monday. Depending on your membership level you will be billed the following:

  • $94.50 for 6 training sessions [averages to $47.25 a week for 3]
  • $104.50 for 8 training sessions [averages to $52.25 a week for 4]
  • $114.50 for 10 training sessions [averages to $57.25 a week for 5]

At the beginning of each 14 day billing cycle your account will be stocked with either 6, 8, or 10 training sessions and you will be able to book. These training sessions must be used within this 14 day billing cycle and do not roll over. At the beginning of each 14 day billing cycle begins a new 28 day commitment, see contract cancellation below.

Increasing Or Decreasing Membership:

You must notify the Club, in writing via email, of your contract change. Your account will be billed for the next (2) 14 day billing cycles, you will enjoy use of the Club for the entirety of these two billing cycles, and your current contract will be terminated on the final day of the second billing cycle and you will automatically start your new membership directly after.

Contract Cancellation:

You must notify the Club, in writing via email, of your contract cancelation. Your account will be billed for the next (2) 14 day billing cycles, you will enjoy use of the Club for the entirety of these two billing cycles, and your contract will be terminated on the final day of the second billing cycle. This is essentially a +28 day [or more] notice required to cancel your contract. Please note that since all billing cycles begin on a Monday, your contract will be terminated on a Sunday. We do not allow partial week cancelations in the middle of a billing cycle. We certainly do not want to create confusion here so if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Contract Freeze:

We do not offer membership freezes for any time greater or less than one month. Specifically, being sick for a few days, going on vacation for a week or a long weekend, or being out of town for work do not merit a freeze or reimbursement of any kind. If the Club chooses to, it may – provided the customer has a history of on-time payment and good standing – credit the equivalent number of sessions to be spread over the duration of the Club’s choosing. This is to decrease unnecessary administrative work and keep people accountable to making sessions.

Training Session Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel a training session reservation up until 24 hours before the scheduled start time without incurring a fee. If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours or less of the scheduled start time, you will keep your training session credit but your account will be charged a $15 fee.

Training Session No-Show Policy:

If you “no-show” your scheduled reservation you will forfeit 1 training session from your Contract, and incur a $15 fee. A No-show is when you do not cancel your training session and you do not show up.

We want you here! We hope to never charge a late fee or subtract a training session from your account but given the limited number of spots in our training sessions we must have a policy in place to allow for everyone to plan their busy weekly schedules. Do you very best to only reserve training sessions you will be attending.

Unused Training Sessions:

Unused training sessions do not roll over into the next billing cycle.

Transfer Of Training Sessions:

Training sessions cannot be used by anyone else.

Training Session Arrival Time:

Arrive 2-3 minutes before the start of your class.

For more information on the Waitlist, Training Session Arrival Time, Leaving Training Session Early and other FAQs click here: LINK

Updating Card On File:
Updating your card on file is quick and easy. From a web browser on your computer go to this link (not the mindbody app)and log into your account using your Mindbody credentials.
  1. Click “MY INFO” tab
  2. Click “PROFILE” tab
  3. Click “BILLING” tab
On the billing tab you can update your card. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to reach out. ⚠️If you update your card on the Mindbody app it will not update the card we have on file for your membership! 


Additional Contract Terms:
In addition to all terms and conditions listed above, if Member does not renew this Agreement at the expiration of its term, the Agreement will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis, based on the terms in this Agreement, without regard to whether the previous package was Annual, Month-to-Month, bi-weekly, or weekly.