Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer nutrition coaching?

Yes! But we don’t offer your basic cut-and-paste nutrition plan because those don’t work. We’ve found over the years that the best results come from clients that we coach every step of the way. 

When it comes to results, it comes down to three major things.

  1. Direction – this means knowing what to do
  2. Proven plan – this means doing what works, for you
  3. Accountability – doing what you need to do, and how you need to do it, and being accountable to the finish line.

We pair you up with one of our coaches and we guide you every single day, every single step of the way. We take the guesswork out of it, and the best part is that we find a way to include your favorite foods into your plan.

If this sounds like something you’d like more info about you can click here for more details.

How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist works two ways depending on if it is more than 24 hours or less than 24 hours before the start of your training session.

On the waitlist with +24 hours before the start of the training session:

If you are on the waitlist and a spot opens up Mindbody will notify you. It is important that you have your text and or email notifications turned on so you receive this, if you are unsure how to turn these notifications on ask your coach. If you are added to a training session but you can no longer attend please remove yourself before the 24 hour late cancelation cutoff so you do not incur a late cancelation fee.

Example: Monday you decide to add your name to the Friday 5:15am waitlist. On Wednesday at 6:00pm a spot opens up and you receive an email confirming your spot – you are automatically added into the session. (If you don’t want it anymore immediately remove yourself)

On the waitlist with -24 hours before the start of the training session:

If there are less than 24 hours before the start of your session, Mindbody will not automatically drop you in the training session. Your best opportunity to get into a waitlisted session inside the 24-hour window is to:

  1. Attempt to re-book between now and the start of the training session. If it lets you join then that means someone canceled and you’re all set to go!
  2. Or, come to CAVE and if anyone is late or is a no-show, then you’re in! Just be sure that you are on the waitlist so that we know who gets into the training session first.

Please note: Within the 24-hour window it is still beneficial to be on the waitlist. We cannot guarantee you a spot, but if your instructor sees that a space has opened up they will notify you and you’ll have an opportunity to reserve a spot. If you’re not on the waitlist they won’t know to contact you!

When do I need to arrive to my training session? Can I lose my spot if I am late?

Arrive to your class 2-3 minutes before it’s scheduled start. This will allow you time to get checked in, and find your coach for the day’s warm up and overview. If your session begins at 6:30am, you need be checked in by 6:29am. At 6:30am the iPad check in will close and you will be considered late. If there are people on the waitlist they will take your spot and you will not be able to train that day (you receive the credit back).

Can you lose your spot if you are late? Yes, if you are not checked in by the time your training session starts someone on the waitlist can/will take your spot. We have a very limited number of spots in our training sessions, so we must have a policy in place. See post above about “How Does The Waitlist Work?” for more details on how this works.

If you are going to be late you need to email your coach asap for consideration of holding your spot. We ask that if you are always late to instead choose a different training time that allows you to arrive on time. 

When do my sessions expire?

This is a very common question we get! Pull up your Mindbody app as we walk you through this.

  1. Click “profile” in the bottom right
  2. In the middle of screen click “passes”
  3. Here you will see how many passes you have left for the current billing cycle written in a ratio on the left, for example “3/8” means you have 3 of your 8 sessions left.
  4. Just underneath that you will see there expiration date.
  5. Be sure to get all your training sessions in before they expire, as they do not roll over. 
What is the training session cancelation policy?

You may cancel a training session reservation up until 24 hours before the scheduled start time without incurring a fee. If you cancel a reservation within 24 hours or less of the scheduled start time, you will keep your session credit but your account will be charged a $15 fee.

What is the training session no-show policy?

If you “no-show” your scheduled training session reservation you will forfeit 1 session from your Contract, and incur a $15 fee. A No-show is when you do not cancel your training session and you do not show up.

We want you here! We hope to never charge a late fee or subtract a training session from your account but given the limited number of spots in our training sessions we must have a policy in place to allow for everyone to plan their busy weekly schedules. Do you very best to only reserve training sessions you will be attending.

How soon can I sign up for a training session? How late can I sign up for a training session?

The sign in window starts 8 days prior. If today is Tuesday, you can sign up for next Tuesday. (We use the Mindbody scheduling app, be sure you download it for the easiest scheduling experience!)

The sign in window will close 20 minutes before the start of the session. For instance if the session you want to attend starts at 5:00pm, you’ll need to sign up by 4:40pm. Otherwise you can arrive to the Club and see if there is a spot open.

    Can I leave my training session early?

    While we understand that schedules can be unpredictable, we ask that you only attend training sessions that you can participate in the entire session. Our training sessions are often waitlisted, and have very limited number of spots in them. We would like to reserve these spots for our members who can use the Cave Fit Club training sessions to their full potential.

    Do I have to have prior training experience before I join? What if I can't do an exercise?

    It’s perfectly fine if you’re new to working out, you’re in good hands here! And if you aren’t able to perform an exercise our certified coaches will be able to give you a safe yet effective alternative.

      I have an existing injury, can I still participate at CAVE?

      In most cases, yes. Just be transparent with your coach so they are aware of things. There have been plenty of people come to us with existing injuries and have still been able to fully participate in our classes.

        Can I freeze my membership?

        We do not offer membership freezes for any time greater or less than one month. Specifically, being sick for a few days, going on vacation for a week or a long weekend, or being out of town for work do not merit a freeze or reimbursement of any kind. If the Club chooses to, it may – provided the customer has a history of on-time payment and good standing – credit the equivalent number of training sessions to be spread over the duration of the Club’s choosing. This is to decrease unnecessary administrative work and keep people accountable to making sessions.

        • How To Freeze: email [email protected] to request your freeze. You membership will be frozen at the start of the next billing cycle. It will be then frozen for 28 days (2 billing cycles), after which it will be turned back on for your continued use.
          What is the contract cancellation policy?

          You must notify the Club, in writing via email, of your contract cancelation. Your account will be billed for the next (2) 14-day billing cycles, you will enjoy use of the Club for the entirety of these two billing cycles, and your contract will be terminated on the final day of the second billing cycle. This is essentially a +28 day [or more] notice required to cancel your contract. Please note that since all billing cycles begin on a Monday, your contract will be terminated on a Sunday. We do not allow partial week cancelations in the middle of a billing cycle. We certainly do not want to create confusion here so if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


          How do I change the card on file for my membership?

          Do not update your card in the Mindbody app, it will not change the card we have on file for your auto-pay membership. For full details on how to update your card click here: LINK (scroll down to “updating card on file”)

          What are all the terms and conditions of the membership?

          Click here to view all the terms and conditions for our memberships: LINK

          • How we bill
          • Increasing and decreasing membership
          • Contract cancellation
          • Contract freezing
          • Training Session cancellation
          • Training Session No-show policy
          • Unused Training Sessions
          • Transfer of Training Sessions
          • Training Session arrival time