Workouts need to be fun, right? Weight training is flat out boring for most of us. And very few of us want to go do AMRAP at crossfit or bring our pink dumbbells and yoga mat to the local park.

Enter Cave Fit Club.

Our workouts allow you to lift a significant amount of weight under the watchful eyes of our certified coaches and tap into your inner athlete. Cave Fit Club workouts are a mix of strength work using traditional implements like barbells, dumbbells, and machines and conditioning work like obstacle courses, farmers walks, tire flips, and the infamous Cave track turf. We will tap into energy systems you never thought you had. We welcome beginners and advanced trainees.

We don't expect you to be an expert or an athlete.

Cave Truths:

“You need to be in amazing shape to do those Cave workouts”

Not the case. Our workouts help you get into amazing shape, but no one is discriminated against. Any size, shape, or strength level is welcome. Our workouts are scaled to suit your abilities. We all start somewhere, Cave Fit Club will get you rockin!

“I heard those workouts give you big muscles”

This myth is perpetuated in society. Truth is in order to build muscle you need to eat more calories than you burn. Will you build muscle? Yes. How much? Depends on your nutritional plan. If you lift weights without over eating then you will get toned. If you lift weights and over eat then you will gain weight. All depends on your goal.

“Lifting weights is dangerous”

Correction: lifting weights with poor form is dangerous. The key here is appropriate exercise selection based on your capabilities. Our coaches will give you the appropriate exercise for your experience level.


Hop into one of our muscle thumping sessions run by our certified crew. Today is the day you take the leap!


Form and fun are our #1 priorities. The Cave Fit Club workout mixes reps, friends, encouragement, and a poppin’ playlist to give the best training experience.


Cave Fit Club will ignite newfound motivation, produce an empowered mindset, and laser focus your mindset on becoming your best self.